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The Boston Business Journal recently featured the winners of the 2021 Alnoba Leadership Awards founded by the Lewis Family Foundation. The awards, established in 2019, recognize “brave and brilliant leaders whose courage, wisdom or potential inspire others” in the arenas of care for the environment and indigenous rights. This year’s awards honored Environmental and Gender Equity leadership.

At the October 13 event, awards were presented to five women: Christa Big Canoe, Legal Advocacy Director at Aboriginal Legal Services, which focuses on the plight of missing and indigenous women; Patricia Gualinga, President, Fundacion Tiam, which fights oil extraction and destruction of the Amazon Rainforest; Janene Yazzie, Founder, Sixth World Solutions which works with Navajo communities in sustainability; and Rebecca Hamilton and Emily Schwerin-Whyte, CEOs of W.S. Badger & Co., which makes organic and natural products in environmentally friendly manufacturing facilities.

Read about these daring leaders in Laura Newpoff’s Boston Business Journal article. And learn more about the Alnoba Leadership Awards by visiting the Alnoba website.