Kensington Investment Company

Kensington Investment Company Inc.

Kensington Investment Company is a Boston-based residential and commercial real estate property owner, developer, and manager. The company’s strategy focuses on long-term hold-and-improvement with a strong focus on service excellence — and on investing in the neighborhoods where our foundations operate. Our property management team prides itself on its 90% service excellence ratings as reported through tenant surveys and is committed to superior maintenance and work-order response.

We are also committed to sustainable construction through environmentally responsible practices. In designing and renovating buildings, we adhere to LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) guidelines from the U.S. Green Building Council, including the installation of energy-efficient heating and appliances. We are proud that The Kensington in Boston, MA, was LEED Gold certified in 2014 — the second-highest level of certification achievable. Additionally, the Alnoba event and leadership center, opening in fall 2016, is being built to meet Passive House Standards, the first building of its type to achieve this certification in the Northeast. As a result, it will use 75-90% less energy than regular standard construction for similarly designed buildings — and it will serve as a model for unrivaled environmental stewardship.