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We believe strong leaders develop strong communities.

Our websites celebrate the work we are doing with our community partners and leaders. We hope it inspires you to take action, too.

In 1981, Alan and Harriet formed the Alnoba Lewis Family Foundation (ALFF), the umbrella organization for their philanthropic entities. Since then, along with O.A.T.’s loyal travelers and ALFF’s partners around the world, ALFF has donated more than $250 million to more than 500 projects in 50 countries.

With a strong focus to improve school performance, help small businesses, provide clean water and sanitation, and support indigenous peoples, Grand Circle Foundation (GCF) has provided financial and leadership support to more than 500 projects in 50 countries around the world.

Based at Alnoba, Pinnacle deliberately takes participants out of the office, outside, and out of their comfort zone so they can shake off the complacency and daily grind of the work routine, build trust for better teamwork, and take one more step than they thought they could. Guided by expert organizational advisors, the Pinnacle model helps leaders resolve hot issues, make tough decisions, align their teams, and reconnect with their passion and inspiration.

Alnoba Peace Foundation

Nestled in the rural community of Kensington, NH, Alnoba resides in harmony among the area farms, wetlands, woodland and pastures. Our unique campus creates a sacred space for leadership development, conservation education, sustainable agriculture, health and wellbeing, and community building.

For years, the lot stood vacant at the main crossroads and scenic byway in Kensington, NH. Worried that another fast food chain would grab the space and claim some of the town’s character, Alan and Harriet bought it in 2012 and built Eastman’s, a year-round community-governed restaurant, farm market, and family gathering place. Across the street, they restored an old barn from the 1800s to its original bones and beauty, transforming it into the Kensington Food Barn to house Eastman’s culinary team.